Why I decided to Ghost Twitter and Start a Blog

Remember in elementary school during recess when everyone used to fight over who would be the captain to choose the players on their soccer baseball team?
Yeah well, twitter started to feel a little bit like that to me and I wanted no parts.

Don’t get it twisted, at one point, Twitter (for me) used to be an amazing place to go and get all the latest music news, and have conversations about the topics you loved with like minded people. And of course what would Twitter have been without the occasional WTF-this-is-crazy-I-shouldnt-laugh-but-I’m-totally-laughing video clip of twerking babies.

On Twitter, everyone was as equal and just as accessible as everyone else. I remember sending tweets to my idol Mary J. Blige and getting an actual reply from her thanking me for tweeting about listening to a song I loved. Like, your day doesn’t get made anymore than that.

Shit, I’ve met some of THE MOST amazing people on twitter.

But one day, I logged on, and it felt like everyone was just barking at each other at the same time. Tweets were flying across my timeline like those red balls I successfully avoided during a lunch recess game of dodgeball. The term “Troll” was created and it felt like everyone wanted to become one. There was no more conversation, and engagement dwindled down to a simple emoji comment on a retweet and my hours spent on Twitter dwindled down to a few minutes.

I mean, I could just simply say I’ve outgrown Twitter, but to be honest, twitter just turned into a toxic sh*t basket of verbal abuse, extreme masculine ignorance, non-sensical political catfights and some really hurtful words I know people would NEVER say to the person that they didn’t @’s face.

I voiced my concern.
’Just block them,’ they said, ‘you know you can mute specific words right?’ they said.

WHO HAD THE TIME? Not me? So I just hit “deactivate". I didn’t even think twice. I turned my back on 2,000+ people I followed and 12.5K followers for the sake of my sanity.


UPDATE - After many conversations, and much deliberation, my Twitter account is back lol. But I still ain’t messing with twitter the way I used to.