About Lissa

2005 - Fresh out of college and ready to tackle the world, Lissa Monet (known then as DJ Navigate), took a chance on her love for music, bought a set of turntables and travelled religiously 1.5 hours every week on public transit into downtown Toronto to buy vinyl. Lissa would spend hours in her basement mixing and organizing records until one day she received a call to open for a DJ at a local club on Thursday nights.  Little did she know that those Thursday nights would be the beginning of a career that would span over 10 years.

“I remember the first time placing needles onto vinyl. My hands used to shake like crazy. I knew I wasn’t practicing in my moms basement anymore.”

Lissa's first few years as a DJ didn't come easy. Being the only female in a male dominated industry, Lissa knew she had a lot to prove. Using some gems that she picked up from her degree in Business Marketing and along with her obsession with HTML, Lissa used social media sites like MySpace and Facebook to create a following. It was her MySpace profile and self taught knowledge about social media that landed her a job in the Marketing department at MySpace Canada.

There’s no mistaking, DJ Lissa Monet rocks parties. And although she’s somewhat selective of the events she spins at, she’s pretty versatile and open minded about the events she is hired for. Lissa has been influenced by such musical legends as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, Aaliyah, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Hall & Oates mixed along with music from her Caribbean upbringing and a unique passion for reading album liner notes.

A one of a kind talent, DJ Lissa Monét has captivated taste makers, party goers and music lovers with ego-free talent that delivers the right music and vibe to events that she has spun at with modesty and intelligence. Her branded mixtapes such as #TheMonetMix and the 4 Jay-Z, 4 Rihanna & the 4 Beyonce tribute mix are still very popular and can be found on her soundcloud for download.

Photo:  Kadeem Ellis