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25 Sep 2013 | H O T | T R A C K S

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the seven deadly sins of FASHION

1. Greed: What is your most inexpensive/expensive fashion item? my most expensive item has to be my vintage chanel handbag my least expensive fashion item has to be my vintage embroidered kaftan that i wear around the house…so comfy! 2. Wrath: What fashion item do you ...

Lissa Monet

April 13th, 2012


get bossy. [video] No related posts.

Lissa Monet

September 19th, 2011

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photoboothin’ with danny fernandes [@DannyFernandes]

i found these on my computer recently but these hilariously phenominal photos were taken a while back after a night of partying at prive: No related posts.

Lissa Monet

August 17th, 2011


fadia kader [@fadiakader] is pretty awesome.

my cancerian twin from atlanta, fadia kader is currently in the middle east and has been doing what i know she does best – shopping. since i found out on twitter that she left atlanta for jordan, fadia has been updating us on twitter with her amazing finds at the local

Lissa Monet

June 21st, 2011


dj lissa monet in scotland! [video]

sorry for the slow posts…i was in a castle dj-ing a wedding! [click here to watch video if viewing in facebook] dj lissa monet in scotland1 from lissa monet on Vimeo. at the airport in edinburgh, hopping to london for a few days! ~lissa No related posts.

Lissa Monet

August 12th, 2010


live for the moment

a couple nights ago i received a call from the most unexpected person inviting me out for drinks with someone that we both love and appreciate. sometimes i feel like i live like an old lady [especially in the winter time]. i have a tendency to pick my social events like i ...

Lissa Monet

January 29th, 2010


we’re all on the pursuit of happiness [video]

this song has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. i feel that it speaks to my circle of friends who just don’t want to deal with the BS and just be happy. i hope to spray champy on y’all asses one day and not have you bitch slap me for ruining your

Lissa Monet

December 9th, 2009

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