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25 Sep 2013 | H O T | T R A C K S


dj lissa monet and 2 dopeboyz present: 4jay-z [mixtape]

dj lissa monét + presents:
4Jay-Z – a musical tribute to one of The Greatest MCs of All-Time… Shawn Carter.

Since Reasonable Doubt, Shawn Jay-Z Carter showed us anything is possible. With a long lasting relationship with the art of story telling, there is no doubt that Jay-Z is one of the best rappers of all time. With every album that he releases, Jay-Z gives the world an opportunity to evolve, a picture frame of perspective, a different way of seeing life and a new instant fashion, business and social culture trend with each music video.

As with all her tribute mixes, DJ Lissa Monet once again provides listeners with the raw emotion of Jay-Z’s live shows to his forgotten features along with contributions of thoughts and words from his friends and colleagues.

“This 4 Jay-Z mixtape isn’t really about the hits, because we can play Jay-Z hits all day, its essentially about the lyrical versatility and growth of an artist who wasn’t ashamed of where he came from and wasn’t afraid to push boundaries do the impossible and keep people thinking.” ~lissa monét

DOWNLOAD NOW: 4JAYZ – a musical tribute to one of The Greatest MCs of All-Time… Shawn Carter.


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’4 Jay-Z’ Track List after the jump:

001. december 4th
002. wishing on a star
003. a week ago
004. new day w/ kanye west
005. do you wanna ride f. john legend
006. light up w/ drake
007. ‘rappers scared to be themselves’
008. so ghetto
009. friend or foe ’98
010. can i get a… [unplugged!]
011. lobster and shrimp
012. sunshine
013. paper chase w/ foxy brown
014. keep it real w/ jon b and coko
015. love for free w/ rell
016. i don’t wanna be alone tonight [remix] w/ shai
017. things we do for love [remix] w/ horace brown
018. excuse me miss w/ pharrell
019. when the money goes
020. best of me [remix] w/ mya
021. dissecting ‘regrets’
022. regrets
023. where im from
024. hova song
025. ‘this is the house hov built’
026. brooklyn’s finest w/ notorious big
027. the originators w/ jaz o
028. do it again (put ya hands up)
029. excuse me miss [remix]
030. i just wanna love you (give it to me)
031. you, me, him, her
032. ain’t no nigga [unplugged!]
033. heartbreaker w/ mariah carey
034. crazy in love w/ beyonce
035. guilty until proven innocent w/ r. kelly
036. you belong to the city
037. ‘intimate relationship’ [interlude]
038. lonnie liston smith – garden of peace
039. ‘obama for jayz’
040. dead presidents
041. murder to excellence w/ kanye west
042. murdergram
043. only a customer
044. lyrical exercise
045. 3 kings
046. ‘major seven chords’ [interlude]
047. allure
048. heart of the city (ain’t no love) w/ [unplugged!]
049. bitches and sisters
050. get your mind right mami
051. girls girls girls [unplugged!]
052. the prelude
053. ‘lebron james on meeting jay-z’ [interlude]
054. what more can i say
055. real as it gets w/ young jeezy
056. welcome to new york city
057. never let me down w/ kanye west
058. ‘kanye came and did his job’ [interlude]
059. lucifer
060. snoopy track
061. dear summer
062. in my lifetime
063. feelin it
064. maybach music [lost verse]
065. dynasty
066. say hello
067. can i live
068. glory [live!]

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DJ Lissa Monét

December 4th, 2012


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